In its advisory role Altiqa MFO accompanies clients in making the best choices to protect their assets and family’s needs.

Altiqa MFO works with the most credible international professionals in the legal and financial fields, putting its network of knowledge at the disposal of the client.

Our services

Monitoring & Wealth Administration

Altiqa has always been beside its clients according to its core values: vision, integrity and expertise. Through the Multi Family Office we wanted to create a specific service where our clients and their assets are the focus of the activity. It’s a place where they can be followed, accompanied and supported through difficult choices, together with us and the best specialists in the various sectors.

Thanks to our reporting software we are able to carry out asset analysis both on individual positions and on consolidated portfolios in order to help the client make the best choices.

Relocation & Family Management

Our mission starts with relocating clients to the Principality and continues by ensuring that they continue living with serenity. A large emphasis is to facilitate and lighten the daily commitments of the individual or family, both in terms of bureaucracy and logistics.

We oversee the organisation and management of households in all its needs, we follow the aspects like maintenance and management of their property or its fleet of vehicles while always keeping the clients best interests at heart.

Professional Athletes Service

Professional athletes are usually immersed in competitive activity from a very young age and often do not have the time or desire to occupy themselves with other important aspects of their lives such as: planning and administration of their assets, management of day-to-day needs and career and post-career planning.

With this service Altiqa wants to help and support athletes, their family and staff allowing them to concentrate solely on training and competitions.

Art Management & Consulting

L’acquisto o la vendita di un’opera d’arte sono legati spesso all’emozione e alla soggettività di ciascuno, sentimenti non sempre distinguibili da elementi razionali, quali il valore artistico o storico-culturale dell’opera, che partecipano alla definizione del suo valore economico, anche in prospettiva futura.

Quale che sia la motivazione d’un acquisto, il mercato dell’arte richiede capacità di analisi, di valutazione e la conoscenza dei suoi specifici meccanismi – anche legali – che di regola esulano dalle competenze generali di chi vi si affaccia.

Sovente, tali incognite si traducono in rischi di natura economica. I nostri consulenti, specialisti del mercato e del diritto dell’arte, assistono i clienti in funzione dei loro desideri, con discrezione e professionalità.

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