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Our service covers three areas of the athlete's life

Assistance in the creation and management of the most suitable companies for the care of the image and marketing of the athlete, in collaboration with the athlete themselves and their agent.

Control in the construction and management of the athlete's assets, following them throughout their professional career and life, with total transparency and confidence.

Private life
Direct assistance to the athlete in their daily commitments so that they can devote themselves exclusively to their activity and be free from all bureaucratic and administrative demands.



  • Analysis and identification of the athlete's needs
  • Legal set up - establishment of companies in the different international jurisdictions for the legal and fiscal optimization of image, brand and sponsorship rights for the athlete
  • Establishment and administrative management of SCIs under Monegasque and French law - administrative and accounting management
  • Assistance with the various administrative and bureaucratic issues related to the client's assets
  • Supervision of assets and monitoring of data


  • Selection and choice of the best banking partners for the athlete
  • Analysis of the athlete's wishes and accompaniment and administrative assistance in the best investment strategies (insurance plans, pension plans, investment portfolios, risk/allocation)
  • Due diligence for different investment opportunities
  • Control and monitoring of third-party asset managers

Private life

  • Relocation to the Principality: apartment search, obtaining a visa, driving license, household utilities
  • Research and management of domestic staff
  • General secretary, housekeeping, mail, etc.
  • Building and vehicle maintenance
  • Continuous follow-up


The service is provided in Monaco office.

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