The Altiqa Group

The Altiqa Group

The Group

Altiqa Group was born in 2018 from the evolution of Guardian, North Atlantic, GFO Global Family Office and Bastion Guardian. Four companies, which have always represented excellence in the fields of business and tax consulting, today united under the same brand name to offer an even broader, more competitive and global range of services in their two offices in Lugano and Monaco.

Why Altiqa

The name Altiqa is the synthesis of the group's approach and vision. It derives from two Latin words: altus, which expresses strategic vision and integrity, and alter, which reflects the desire to stand out in the consulting sector. An elegant and open name that speaks of vision and perspective, to aim high and look far ahead together with our clients.


From a partner you expect support at important moments, that extra step that makes the difference, a high level of excellence. This is what we believe in and the values we strive to provide every day.


Synergistically combining long-term objectives with more tactical ones on the short and medium horizon. Clarity through complexity, reasoning simultaneously on different markets, different contexts, through customised methods and solutions. Strategic vision, vision from above.


Our consultancy has a single objective: what is best for our clients, for their assets and for their business activities, with a focus on the ethical and social impact they have on the world. For us, integrity means independence, transparency in advice, no ulterior motives or self-interest, confidentiality, protection of sensitive data and information, and a systemic view.


In today's increasingly complex and fragmented environment, the concept of competence goes far beyond mere regulatory knowledge or the simple application of procedures. Rather, it means being able to anticipate changes, making expert and multidisciplinary resources available to the client, constantly challenging one's convictions with proactivity and intellectual curiosity.

Problem solving

Listening, understanding, simplifying, solving, optimising, enhancing. These are all synonyms of the added value we want to provide with our work. No matter what the challenge or issue to be addressed: we always try to find the best meeting point between customer needs, regulatory framework, external conditions and context. Our mentality is always solution-oriented.


A positive and proactive approach, able to find solutions, activate synergies, solve problems, show empathy. We enjoy our work, we do it with passion and with a smile on our face. An added value that cannot be translated into numbers, but which everyone recognises.


An evolution over time

Corporate structure

Altiqa group

  • Altiqa Partecipazioni SA
    • Monaco
      • Altiqa SAM
      • Altiqa MFO
    • Lugano
      • Altiqa SA
      • Liguservices SAGL
    • New Zeland
      • Bastion Asset Trustee LTD

Group Management

Altiqa CDA

Our support to those who make a difference every day

We offer skills, people and services to some of the most deserving non-profit organisations in Switzerland and Monaco.