Wealth Monitoring

Wealth monitoring

What we offer

Our clients operate internationally, in multiple sectors and jurisdictions simultaneously, with asset management needs that are often extremely varied and complex. We are well aware of this and that is why we offer them an asset monitoring service that aims to be as careful, detailed and thorough as possible: to be certain that everything is really under control, that the allocation of resources is correct and not in conflict, that the risk profiles are considered, that all technical and legal issues are properly respected.

In short, that one can really rest assured, and never have any nasty surprises. A guarantee made possible by the professional excellence of the people in our team, but also by the advanced technological tools we use for patrimonial monitoring.

  • Analysis and strategic asset allocation
  • Coordination and optimisation of the entire asset management framework
  • Monitoring of the securities and real estate portfolio
  • Analysis of commissions
  • Asset protection
  • Production of periodic individual or consolidated reports for all assets

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