Corporate Relocation to Switzerland

Corporate Relocation to Switzerland

What we offer

Our strong local roots, knowledge of Swiss laws and procedures, and network of high-profile contacts allow us to offer you comprehensive support in dealing with every aspect of your corporate relocation/expansion to Switzerland. From legal and tax assistance to real estate searches, from visa and permit management to logistical support, we take care of every detail so that you can reach your goal without stopping to focus on your core business.

Legal and tax advice

Our experienced legal partners and our team of tax advisors will guide you through all issues related to your move to Switzerland. We will help you understand and adhere to local regulations, ensuring full compliance with every decision.

Cost assessment and budgeting

We accurately calculate the costs associated with your company relocation to Switzerland, helping you plan a realistic budget to avoid surprises.

Property search

Finding the right property for your needs is essential. We offer real estate search and rental services to ensure that you find the ideal location for your company.

Assistance with visas and permits

Switzerland and the Canton of Ticino have strict regulations for visas and work permits. We will help you follow the application process, ensuring that your staff can work legally in the country.

Managing relocation logistics

Organising the transportation of your assets and relocation logistics can be complicated. We are here to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Local orientation services

To help your staff adjust to their new life in Switzerland, we offer local orientation services, including language courses and cultural information.

Managing relations with local authorities

We will be your interface with local authorities, simplifying bureaucratic procedures and speeding up the approval of permits and documents.

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