Corporate consulting

Corporate consulting

What we offer

We support companies and entrepreneurs with local and global interests by offering specific expertise at every stage of the business: from the incorporation to the sale of a company, going throught restructuring and M&A operations, via strategic planning, operational management and transformation processes. With a team of highly qualified experts and in-depth knowledge of the local and international market, we are the right partner to achieve your growth objectives.

Business Plans and Corporate Cockpits

We support your companies in developing tailor-made business plans and cockpits that clearly outline your vision, objectives and strategies. These fundamental tools will help you guide your company efficiently and attract potential investors.

Financial and Investment

Plan Financial planning is essential for business success. We develop sound financial plans and investment strategies to maximise the return on your capital.

Corporate Governance

We optimise your corporate structure and decision-making processes to improve corporate governance. We ensure that your systems are transparent and comply with best practices.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

We provide expert M&A advice, assessing growth opportunities, conducting due diligence and facilitating negotiations.

Corporate Restructuring and Reorganisation

In situations of change or crisis, we help restructure and reorganise your company to improve operational efficiency and preserve corporate value.

Business Implementation

We help our clients choose the best legal structure for their business projects in order to maximise the physical and legal benefits and optimise the risks. We support you in all phases of business implementation, including company formation and domiciliation, company administration and the appointment of key corporate positions. We take care of bureaucratic aspects so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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