Patrimonial Entities Management

Patrimonial Entities Management

What we offer

The growth of individual and family wealth is the most important promise we make every day at Altiqa Monaco. Starting from an accurate analysis of the current situation and the specific needs of wealth administration, we can create different entities and manage them to achieve the objectives expected by our clients.

Société Civile Immobilière (SCI)

  • Facilitate the acquisition of properties involving different entities
  • Offer continuity of ownership and management
  • Tax advantages linked to different structures
  • Performing the function of "Responsable des Informations élémentaires et des bénéficiaires économiques"


  • Best possible asset protection
  • Customise legal instruments according to the client's needs and objectives
  • Performing the function of Protector

Foreign Companies

  • Create and manage foreign companies in compliance with local regulations
  • Perform the function of "Mandataire agréé" under Law 1.381 of the Principality of Monaco for non-Monegasque entities with real estate assets in the Principality

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