Business Strategy and Development

Business Strategy and Development

What we offer

Our goal is to build long-term relationships based on trust, supporting our clients in their business development and evolution, both in Monaco and internationally. We are aware of the complexity of the market and its challenges, but also of the many opportunities it presents: in order to seize them, we believe it is necessary to always adopt a strategic vision, one that is able to quickly descend into effective implementation.

Market Analysis and Competitive Mapping

We perform in-depth analyses to identify opportunities, threats and emerging trends. This allows us to develop robust and scalable strategies.

Jurisdictions and Legal Frameworks

A thorough understanding of the relevant jurisdictions is essential to operate successfully. We advise on choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction for our clients' businesses, considering the legal, tax and administrative implications.

Developing Evolutionary Business Models

Business models must be flexible and adaptable. We design models that can evolve with changing market conditions.

Implementation Roadmaps


A well-structured roadmap is essential to achieve the set objectives. We work to define detailed action plans for the implementation of jointly identified strategies.

Corporate and Legal Structure

The right corporate structure is essential. We provide support in the creation of sound corporate structures, with support at the legal level as well.

Strategic Pricing

Pricing effectively is crucial to preserve profitability and sustainability of the business over time.

Corporate Governance

Sound governance is crucial for long-term success. We support you in establishing clear corporate policies and creating effective governance rules.

Digitisation and Innovation

We implement digital tools and technologies to improve your operations and remain competitive in a constantly changing world.

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