Art Management & Consulting

Art Management & Consulting

What we offer

Art is first and foremost a passion, but it can also become an important asset in the individual or families wealth portfolio. Our team of experts has been working in the field of Art Management for years and are able to support you all the way: investment strategy, art valuation, purchase/sale, conservation and preservation.

Art consulting

  • Consulting services for individual works of art and luxury goods (vintage cars, watches, yachts, etc.) or entire collections for purchase or sale
  • Valuation of works of art and luxury goods
  • Due diligence

Art management

  • Insurance Due Diligence of works of art and luxury goods, their conservation and possible transport
  • Art investment and legal regulations
  • Advisory and support services for investments in works of art and luxury goods
  • Legal assistance
  • Tax matters
  • Inheritance planning

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