Investment advice and asset monitoring

Investment advice and asset monitoring

What we offer

Altiqa offers its services as an independent financial advisor in accordance with the Federal Financial Services Act (FSA) to ensure that your financial needs are handled with the utmost competence and in compliance with the applicable regulations. We do not accept any form of remuneration from banking institutions or third parties, guaranteeing completely impartial financial advice that always puts the client's interests at the centre.

Taylormade financial analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your financial situation, taking into account your return objective and risk appetite. This allows us to define an optimal financial strategy.

Portfolio Optimisation

Thorough study of the overall allocation of your portfolio, followed by proposals to make it more efficient and financially and fiscally consistent.

Investment Advice

We provide expert advice on the purchase and sale of financial instruments, giving direct instructions to custodian banks.

Continuous Monitoring

We maintain constant vigilance over your assets, making regular updates and assessing portfolio performance on a daily basis.

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