Asset management of assets in trust

Asset management of assets in trust

What we offer

As a FINMA-authorised trustee, we are dedicated to protecting and growing your assets in a strategic and responsible manner, offering you personalised advice and management of the financial assets placed in trust.

Personalised advice

We develop a tailor-made strategy based on your specific needs and in line with the objectives set out in the trust deed.

Active Investment Management

Our team of experts constantly monitors the financial markets to maximise returns, always with a view to protecting the trust asset for the benefit of the purposes set out in the trust deed and its beneficiaries.

Prudent Diversification

We divide investments wisely to protect your assets.

Transparency and Regular Reporting

We provide regular reports on the performance of financial assets placed in trust and prepare accounting reports in accordance with regulatory laws.

Regulatory Compliance

We operate in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. As a Financial Institution, we adhere to and administer the CRS and FATCA regulations.

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