Corporate Tax consultancy

Corporate Tax consultancy

What we offer

We offer our corporate clients tailor-made tax solutions that are consistent with the specific sectors in which they operate and in line with management's strategic objectives. Our mission is to help you develop, monitor and implement the best tax strategy over time, in full compliance with cantonal, Swiss and international taxlaws.

Tailormade tax advice and planning

We work closely with you to identify the best tax strategies for your company, ensuring that they comply with applicable regulations.

Tax due diligence

We carefully assess your tax situation to help you make informed decisions during acquisition or merger transactions.

Tax declarations and tax representation

We manage the filing of tax declarations for you and, if necessary, act as your representative before the tax authorities.

Advice and Assistance with VAT, national and international

We guide you through the complex rules of VAT, both national and international, to ensure maximum compliance.

Tax advice and assistance for indirect taxes, double taxation treaties and other international rules

We help you navigate through double taxation treaties and international rules to optimise your tax situation.

VAT representation for foreign companies

If your company is active abroad, we take care of VAT representation for you.

Assistance with tax disputes

In the event of tax disputes, we put our experience at your disposal to successfully deal with the dispute.

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