Property brokerage and management

Property brokerage and management

What we offer

We manage our clients' real estate assets with the aim of preserving their integrity, value and obtaining the best profitability. We deal in brokerage, management and valorisation of residential and/or commercial real estate in Switzerland and in particular in Canton Ticino.

Real estate brokerage

We specialise in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial property in Ticino. Thanks to our network of contacts and knowledge of the local market, we can help you identify the ideal buyers or sellers for your property.

Income property management

We support you in all legal, fiscal, administrative and operational aspects in order to maximise your return on investment.

Advising on the acquisition or sale of real estate assets

We offer personalised advice to help you make informed real estate investment decisions. We analyse your portfolio and provide you with strategies to maximise your returns.

Altiqa Real Estate

Altiqa (Real Estate)

Altiqa Real Estate website, the platform where you can find or propose the best properties in Lugano and in Canton Ticino, at the best market conditions and with the best advice.

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