Art Management and Consulting

Art Management and Consulting

What we offer

The art market is a global, complex industry that presents significant challenges to even the most experienced collectors and investors. Whether selling or buying art, starting or developing a collection, we can provide assistance and advice, applying strict principles of independence and objectivity.

Art market consultancy

  • Independent advice in the search, purchase and sale of individual works of art or entire collections
  • Preliminary valuation of works of art, collectors' items and entire collections
  • Due diligence (provenance, ownership, taxation, administrative procedures etc.)

Art management

  • Coordination of art-related services (cataloguing, conservation, restoration, insurance, transport, import/export etc.)
  • Training and support for individuals and companies entering the art world

Art law and taxation

  • Legal assistance, advice and litigation in art matters
  • Taxation/tax issues
  • Succession and estate planning
  • Trusts and Foundations

Art Investment

  • Advice and assistance in art-related financial services, such as financing, identification and selection of investment vehicles, guarantees, etc.
  • Support and assistance in relation to Art Managed Accounts and Art Investment Funds

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