Professional Athlete Services

Professional Athlete Services

What we offer

Living in the Principality can be complex for young inexperenced athletes as well as for established athletes. That's why we are by their side every step of the way - from relocation to managing administrative aspects and small day-to-day needs - so that they can concentrate solely on their sporting career and the training and lifestyle demands necessary.

Wealth and Assets

  • Assistance in choosing the best financial and asset management partners
  • Assistance with investment strategy, insurance plans, pension plans, investment allocation, and risk management
  • Due diligence for different investment opportunities
  • Monitoring of third-party asset management
  • Consolidation and reporting of the entire athlete portfolio
  • Establishment and administrative management of SCIs under Monegasque or French law


  • Incorporation of companies in various international jurisdictions for the optimisation of image rights, brand relationships and sponsorship contracts
  • Assistance with administrative and/or bureaucratic issues relating to assets and various assets.

Private life

  • Relocation to the Principality, apartment search, VISA and residence application, change of driving licence
  • General secretarial and administrative assistance
  • Management and maintenance of the place of residence

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