Merge & Acquisition

Merge & Acquisition

What we offer

We accompany and support our clients in their corporate transformation, acquisition and/or disposal processes, with a range of M&A services that combine long-terme strategic objectives with more tactical short and medium-term aspects. We operate both in Monaco and globally.

Corporate Enhancement

We highlight a company's strengths, emphasising its most valuable assets. Corporate valuation is key to obtaining maximum value from the transaction and ensuring the success of the sale.

Pre-acquisition due diligence

Due diligence is a crucial step in any M&A transaction. Our team of experts performes an in-depth analysis of the financial, operational and legal aspects of the target company. This allaw us to identify any possibilities to be exploited during negotiations, while minimising the risks for our clients.

Accompaniment in Negotiations

During negotiations, we provide comprehensive support to our clients. We ensure that their interests are adequately represented and that agreements are reached that maximise the value of the transaction.

Acquisition of company shares

We support our clients in evaluating acquisition opportunities and assist them at every stage of the process. From initial research to detailed analysis and negociations, we are committed to protecting their interests and ensuring fair and favourable agreements.

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